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Booros Solar PowerBank



Never Run Out of Power Again !

No matter where you are, with its advanced solar technology, Booros PowerBank provide you with a reliable and sustainable source of energy to charge your devices, ensuring that you never run out of power on your outdoor escapades.

Power for All Your Devices!

The Booros PowerBank can charge up to five devices simultaneously. It has three built-in cables for Micro-USB, iPhone, and Type-C, as well as two USB ports for additional charging options.

Light Up the Night!

Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or experiencing a power outage, this feature ensures that you have a reliable source of light to navigate through the darkness.

Dual Charging Modes!

The Booros PowerBank offers two charging options to provide you with power whenever you need it. It can be charged through an outlet for regular use or via solar energy for emergency situations.

Power Packed in Your Pocket!

Travel light with the Booros PowerBank! This compact and lightweight power bank is easy to carry in your pocket, backpack, or bag, making it the perfect travel companion.


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