LensPro Headlight Repair Polish



LensPro Headlight Repair Polish



Keep your headlights brand new for years with our LensPro Repair Polish!

With an easy wipe, instantly remove scratch, yellowing, dirt, haze, oxidation on your lenses in 1 min.Powerfully protect your car from harmful UV rays & further aging factors.The most hydrophobic, long lasting headlight solution that your car needs right now!


  • No More Scratch, Blur, Oxidation!
    Powerfully remove & protect from scratches. Effectively remove haze and corrosion from the lenses
  • Dual Polish + Coating Like New!
    Protect your car paint from 5 automobile aging factors: Scratch, Stain, UV Light, Rain, Dust. No more fading, weather, fog, sunlight erosion, acid rain, industry powder & pollution


  • Ultimate UV Protection

    Super long-lasting shield against UV sunray for 3 years

  • Improve Night Driving Safety

    Restore light output & light beam for clear illumination at night

  • Super Hydrophobic

    Act as waterproof barrier coating over the surface of your headlight

  • Easy Use in 1 Min

    Simply wipe to bring back the glow of your car for 100% protection!

  • Fix All Headlights

    Safe & non-toxic. Not recommended to use with car refurbishment set or atomizer cleaner


  • 1 / 2 x LensPro Headlight Repair Polish (20ml)



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