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Before we introduce our product, let’s look at our happy customers.

“I have been using the SpotFree Electric Beauty Pen for the past 7 weeks or so. My dark spots have cleared up about 99%! It’s hard to believe that like many of you, I have done everything I can to treat my dark spots for the past 20 years, and no, I don’t mean anything. Most treatments even make it worse. At some point, I convinced myself to live with this curse until I died. Now, I wake up in the morning and run to look in the mirror because for years I’ve dreamed of my dark spots disappearing and woke up to find it was just a dream. I just have to thank Spotfree creating this miracle product in my life.”

Janella Montes — Charlotte, North Carolina

“I didn’t expect this small device to be this effective. One time use and the skin tag are completely gone. Extremely happy with the purchase and the results. Keep the setting and it will take care of decent skin tag remover or other skin blemishes easily. Takes an average of 5 min per tag (smaller ones take much less).”

Maria Anderson — San Diego, California

Do you have any moles, warts or dark spots that are bugging you? Do you just wish you could see smooth and flawless skin for once! Don’t worry we got you!

With our SpotFree Electric Beauty Pen, painlessly remove any blemishes, freckles or moles and achieve baby smooth skin, pigmentation free and Finally Flawless!

SpotFree Electric Beauty Pen

Spotfree Electric Beauty Pen is using a new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency, it is efficient capacity conversion material and Microcomputer chip control. When the needle touches the freckle skin, it produces plasma with high temperature immediately, when it touches the freckle spot, it will produce a small flame, we call it carbide problem skin.

The micro vascular will be solidified quickly without bleeding. Then it will form carbon scabs, protecting wounded skin from infection. After about 1 week, the scab will fade without scar.

Removal spot without hurting the normal skin and without bleeding, easy carry and easy operation.

Consist of 2 type of needles:

  1. Coarse Needle
  2. Thin Needle

Using Coarse Needle, electric ion carbonation functions and instantly sweep Tattoos, warts, fleshy, etc., can be achieved quickly without bleeding, safe and side effects of medical cosmetic results.

Thin Needle is used on spot and freckle, mole and skin tags. It uses a new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency.

This is why SpotFree Electric Beauty Pen is special:

  • Remove all your unwanted skin spots.
  • An effective way, without pain, bleeding!
  • Safe product.
  • Fast skin spot remover.
  • Adjustable gear current.
  • Tattoo removal.
  • Reliable and convenient.
  • Economical and can work for all skin types.

Claire’s 30 days of SpotFree Electric Beauty Pen report:

Here is the result…

Day 1:

“On the first use I noticed a slight tingling so I started applying it every day. The feeling is great when I’m using it on my face. It is very gentle. I like it!”

Day 15:

“It’s been 2 weeks now and I can see a huge difference on my face. The little dark spots that had begun to appear around my eyes are not noticeable anymore, my pores are tightened, my face is glowing. Its like I just got a face lift.”

Day 30:

“I’m getting compliments from my friends and colleagues. 4 weeks of using this SpotFree Electric Beauty Pen is a lot of change. I don’t regret spending my money, However I think when you start using this product, you need to commit and follow the instructions properly. Smoother and younger skin is proof that the product is working.”

Claire Paul — Tucson, Arizona

This SpotFree Electric Beauty Pen saves you tons of money!

SpotFree Electric Beauty Pen are carefully made to make a huge impact not only to your skin but also saves you tons of money in the long run.

With this product you can avoid expensive sessions, time consuming appointments and you can use this serum at your home that can save transportations fare.

How to Use:

  1. Choose the appropriate needle to install.
  2. Long press the power button to turn on.
  3. Press the OUT button to start working, and release the OUT button to stop working.

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