StitchVision Quilting Laser Guide



StitchVision Quilting Laser Guide



Adding a laser to ANY sewing machine!

Sewing Machine Laser

Have you seen the new and fancy sewing machines that come with a built-in laser beam?

The Quilting Laser Guide provides a red dot vision guide enables you to trace any quilt patterns onto your fabric with ease.

StitchVision Quilting Laser Guide

Accurate Dot-To-Dot Quilting

Dot laser pointer designed perfectly for your free-motion quilting project. Just simply place any pattern sheet under the laser and trace along with the outlines. You can start and stop at an exact point, making dot-to-dot quilting more fun and easier.

You can adjust the tip of the laser to increase the light width when sewing dim color fabrics. Bendable arm laser lets you freely position the laser anywhere you like.

Straight line quilting is where most of us start when we begin to quilt our own quilts. To adjust the top tension tighter, turn the tension knob clockwise

The laser line can be used to sew straight lines to make half-square triangles (HSTs) or stitch-and-flip corners without drawing the lines corner to corner. It can also be used for dot-to-dot straight line quilting

My first laser was one I bought at Harbor Freight that’s intended to be used on a circular saw. It did the job, but it took some creative maneuvers to get it to line up properly

To sew stitch and flip corners, line the laser up with the needle. Then as the machine feeds the fabric, keep the corner of the square in line with the laser line the entire time.

You can get the laser in red, but there’s also a Green Laser!! The green laser is proven to be gentler on the eyes and is better for people who are light sensitive or have other health concerns with red lasers

If you’re concerned about sticking the Laser directly onto your machine, you could always put a Command strip on first, then just stick the Laser to that!

The laser is now ¼” away from the stitching line. If you want to know more about us You can read and leave a comment on blog posts.

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